[ANS] Candlemas

Bryn Gwlad's Candlemas Celebration will be held on February 5, 2011. At that time, a new Arts and Sciences Champion will be chosen to serve at the pleasure of their new Halberd Excellencies, Master Pug and Mistress Myfanwy.

Entries submitted need not adhere to any specific theme. Artisans may choose either a Static Arts display, submit a Research Paper, or offer a Performance piece as their submission.

WITH REGARD TO PERFORMANCE A&S SUBMISSIONS: In order to encourage bardic performances for the Bardic competition, performances for the Arts and Sciences competition will be limited to either group performances or a Dance piece. Should a group performance be selected, the ?Champion? will be that individual who was the primary researcher/organizer/leader of the performance piece.

Documentation will be required on Static Arts displays and on Performance pieces.

Research papers must be submitted by Friday, January 28th, in order for those papers to be read and critiqued by judges in a timely manner. If this deadline is too much of a hardship, please contact me, Lord Da'oud, the Arts and Sciences Competition Steward, to discuss the matter. While I do not wish to refuse anyone's effort to compete, the judges must be given a reasonable time to review such items.

Please contact me at dschref@swbell.net at your earliest convenience, to indicate specifically what you will be presenting, how much table space you will require, and whether you will need proximity to an electrical outlet for your display. Obviously there are a limited number of outlets so we cannot guarantee such, but we will try to make every accommodation. The earlier you can indicate your submission, the better the chance in securing the attendance of judges skilled in your area of expertise.

The standard Kingdom Judging Forms will be used in reviewing your submissions. I recommend that artisans review these forms in preparing their documentation or research paper. The forms can be found at the Kingdom Ministry of Arts and Sciences Web page, http://moas.ansteorra.org/.

If you have any questions regarding this competition, please do not hesitate to contact me - and GOOD LUCK!