[CAL] Mongol Invasion

For those individuals interested in shooting archery at the upcoming Mongol Event on January 29, 2011, please bring your bird blunts. We will be shooting at a row of knock-down targets in front of netting at a range of 12 to 15 yards.

Competitions will include a variety of team shoots, individual shoots, and Huscarl challenges.  One of the individual competitions will be a head to head, double-elimination tournament for the Archery Champion of the Mongol Event.

If you have not yet seen the event flyer, site directions have you taking your best route to I-44 exit 100.  Go South on East 38 towards downtown Marshfield. You will pass through several lights and come to a 4-way stop in the center of town. Turn right and take that to the end of the block. The event will be held in the Imagination Station on the North side of the building. Parking is available around the building and in the public parking lot across the street a few yards down on the right. 138 Commercial St., Marshfield MO

Fees: $8.00 for adults, $5.00 for children 6-15, $5.00 Non-member Surcharge .

Activities: Fighting, Indoor Archery, A&S competition (any entry in any medium). Inn, but no feast. Site opens at 9 am.