Call for Assistance in Afghanistan

Tymothe Rankyn of Cathanar (Sgt Eric Rankin, USMC) reports that gentles serving in the military at Kandahar Air Field in Afghanistan have created an SCA group, and are in need of rapier equipment.

Tymothe Rankyn of Cathanar writes:

Back from March to October, 2011, I was deployed to Kandahar Air Field in Afghanistan and we started an unoffical shire out there. We had weekly rapier practice and populace meetings and it was a hoot. The rapier practices were on what was called the Boardwalk, which was the place to be during off duty hours. There was a bunch of small shops and restraunts, a street hockey rink, stage, basketball court and volleyball court. Because of the central location, we had quite a bit of visibility and brought the SCA to a bunch of people from the US, UK, Canada, Romania, Denmark, and many other NATO countries. It was there that I was re-introduced to the SCA.

I'd sent them an email recently to check up on them. They currently have enough rapier kit to put 2-3 fighters out at once. Their blades are wearing out and they are in need of gorget's. If any of you have any spare Rapier Gear you would wish to donate (blades, gorgets, bucklers, cloaks, tabards...whatever you can spare) please contact me off list and I will put you in contact with the POC out there. The only thing that they don't really want is garb, as everyone but the Canadian Forces are required to be in uniform at all times.

I know that when I was out there it was one of the few things to look forward to after a long day. Often times, after the major holidays, it would seem at times that we were forgotten out there. Your support would be a definite morale boost and a great way to show not only our troops, but also our allies' troops that they are still in our thoughts, hearts and/or prayers.

If you know of anyone not on the MR that would be interested in helping, feel free to forward it on to them as well. I thank you in advance for your time reading this.

Tymothe Rankyn of Cathanar
MKA Sgt Eric Rankin, USMC

Contact Info
Micah Nelson
APO, AE 09355

Tymothe Rankyn of Cathanar adds:

The biggest question is light blades or heavy blades.  I've had enough people wanting to donate light blades that both are acceptable. The most important thing about shipping is send it regular USPS. Tracking or confirmation is null and void when it leaves the US. When you fill out the customs form, please mark it as sporting equipment and not sword, rapier, armour, dagger, etc. Customs will assume that it's contraband items and not for sport fencing (which is 100% legal).

I thank you again for spreading the word about our "forgotten fighters"