[MID] Midwinter Arts and Sciences

The Barony of South Downs will be hosting Midwinter Arts & Sciences on Saturday, February 5, 2011 at Druid Hills Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA.

The event flyer, with more details to be added in the coming week including detailed directions, is available online.  The event cost is $9/adult and $5/child (age 6-12).

The feast is being prepared by George Ploppy, seating is limited to 100 people.  The cost of feast is $7 per person.

The Barony of the South Downs is honored to have been chosen to host The Honorably Lady Temair Cearr as she holds her vigil before being elevated into the Order of the Laurel during the day's court.  As Midwinter A&S is a one day event this year, please plan to arrive as early as possible if you wish to visit with her.

The event will take place in a church with a beautiful sanctuary, which we will use as a performance space.  As such, we would like to extend a special invitation to performers to come and share their talents with the populace.

The A&S Competition will follow Kingdom A&S Rules for both an A&S Tournament and an A&S Faire (available at http://artsandsciences.meridies.org/faire/rules.php#faire).

Special attention should be noted that in the A&S Faire category that you have the option to enter an entry that, while not strictly period (or possibly period but not documentable), enhances a person's experience in the SCA, under the SCA Life category.  This would also include performances such as songs and poetry that speak to our lives in the SCA.

There will also be a display area available for the populace to display any scrolls that they have received so that people may better view them.  Please visit the Midwinter page (http://atlantasca.org/events/midwinter/midwinter-art-sci-2011.pdf) and watch for updated information on the scroll display.

If you have any questions please contact the Midwinter A&S Event Steward, Lady Alasais Bandeli, at katieDOTsadlerDOTstephensonATgmailDOTcom.