Ealdormere's Newest Pelican

Auguste Valizan was elevated to the Order of the Pelican by TRM Cennedi and Susanna at Winter War V, March 6, 2004. The ranks of the Order of the Pelican in Ealdormere have grown again with the elevation of Baron Auguste Valizan, or as he is known in Arabic, Rakkas al-Bassim, Ra'ee al-Saleh Sheikh al-Zubeyd al-Sharef Valizan ibn Fredeh, at Winter War V.

His ceremony incorporated various elements of Arabic culture, but most dramatic was the gradual shedding of items of clothing and regalia, until he literally "bared his breast" as His Majesty ripped open Valizan's shirt. Thus humbled, Valizan listened to many dramatic tellings of his peerlike qualities, carried from as far away as California, which emphasized his service, hospitality (including distributing the [in]famous Ealdormerian Tea), and passion for his pursuits. After he was clothed again in new silks, he received the hereditary Ealdormere Pelican medallion as well as a one-of-a-kind medallion originally created for Mistress Moria, whose protegé he had been.