Calontir Spring 2011 Crown Tournament Combatants

Her Majesty Maerwynn Qatan, Queen of Calontir, has posted a list of combatants and their consort for the upcoming Crown Tournament.

Spring 2011 Crown Tournament Combatants and Consorts:

  • Iarll Anton Raghelan for Countess Isabeau de Beauxyeux
  • Graf Hirsch Rolf Eichman for Gravin Magdalena vander Meere
  • HE Angus of Blackmoor for HE Diana MacLean
  • HE Duncan Bruce of Logan for HL Ylva Jonsdottir
  • Sir Colin James MacLachlan for Ms Elianor de Morland
  • Sir Raudr Ottarson  for HE Conna ingen Ui Chearghaill
  • Sir Gustav Jameson for HE Almedha of Angelsey
  • Sir Damien MacGavin for HE Issabell St. Charles
  • HL Jawhar ibn Akmel for HL Ishmala bint Yuhannah
  • HL Richard DeBleys for HL Nikolena Martinova Popriadukhina
  • HL Alaeddin Kilicarslan for Lady Marion Baggeputz
  • HL Uldin of Ravenscroft for Lady Sung Sai-erh
  • HL Thaddeus Ellenbock for HE Elspeth of Stonehaven
  • HL Caius Rectus Xerxis for HE Marie Du Puy
  • Lord Lohengrin von Urich for Ms Isolde of Hawksholme
  • Lord Olaf of Flatrock for Lady Lavilla Senestor
  • Lord Bjarni Ulfarsson for Lady Xristiana Bogardus
  • Lord Thorbjorn Hrafnasson for Lady Roise inghean ui Ruaidhri
  • Lord Randwulf aus dem Schnee for Lady Seraphina Brugari
  • Lord Cilian Mac Marroo for Lady Bronwen de Westhold

Maerwynn Qatan