SCA Memorial Archive Created

Lord Alastair Aylward has created "[a] place to honor and remember, our brothers, sisters, partners and friend; who have passed on, in and with the Dream." In an open letter, Lord Alastair Aylward writes:

I am a great believer in Remembering who we are and were! As such I have created a Mailing list archive, dedicated to remembering the people the Society has lost.

There are no members of this list!
Anyone can read the Archives!
Anyone can post a message to the list!

Either post new messages about someone not covered so far, or reply to a current post in order to group the comments by thread (person's name).

There is no censorship in the memorial list, but I will moderate for facts. And you may post anonymously, but factual statements will be checked for accuracy.

Like any good old fashioned wake, You can say anything but say something.

Please post this announcement to as many Kingdom or regional lists as you can, since it was meant to be for all of us.