[ART] Birthday Bash XXV

You are cordially invited to attend Birthday Bash XXV - Please help us celebrate our Silver Anniversary!!

Our Heavy Fighting tournament will be held in the early part of the afternoon. This will determine our Shire Champion. Remember that this site has large windows that allow you to watch the fighting from inside. Rapier fighting will be held as well as heavy.

Weather permitting, Her Majesty Saige will be attending. Court will be held at the convenience of Her Majesty. 

To help us celebrate the Silver Birthday Bash of SilverKeep, there will be a Keep Building contest, winner to be determined by populous vote. Entries should be no larger than one square foot, no restrictions on height. Your Keep may be built of wood, plaster, clay, edibles - pretty much anything goes, so use your imagination!! 

An "around the world" feast will be prepared by Kita No Musame. Feast will include dishes from 11th Century Viking, 14thCentury Spanish, 15 Century Scottish, and more!!

Feast will be limited to 60. Reservations are encouraged. Please send reservation requests to Lady Rozalija asap.  

A&S classes will be taught throughout the day. Knitting, An Intro to period paints, and making oak gall ink are some of the classes scheduled.  (please bring knitting needles.) A Lucet demo will be available. Bring lucets!  

Musicians and bards are most welcome!

A chess tournament will be held during the afternoon.

Merchants are welcome and there is no merchant fee. Please feel free to donate an item to our silent auction. If interested in merchanting, please contact Lady Rozalija (Rozalija_of_silverkeep@msn.com)

The event site will once again be The Lindley Center, at Lindley Park in Bozeman, MT.

Site opens at 10:00 am and closes at 10:00 pm. Site fee is $8.00 for the day and $7.00 for feast.  Non-member surcharge is $5.00.  Children 6-12 are half price and 5 and under are guests of the Shire. (make checks payable to Shire of SilverKeep, SCA, Inc.)

Look for signs. 

The site is wet, period containers please. Brewers are invited to bring their creations. A silent auction will be held as a fundraiser for the Shire. 

Directions to site:  Take your best route to Bozeman, MT. Take the East Main Street exit off the interstate.  Follow the road around (you will be heading west to downtown Bozeman). Turn left on Cypress Avenue.  Follow Cypress around the park; Lindley Center will be on your right at the end of the park.

Event Stewards:

Lady Rozalija of Silverkeep   Rozalija_of_silverkeep@msn.com
Lord Fearghus MacLachlin   lapicton@hotmail. com
Feast Steward:  Kita no Musame   i_am_homunculust@yahoo.com
Knight Marshal:  Robin Wodeman  boba.fett.spray@gmail.com