[MID] St Sebastian's Day Feast

The Gwyntarian Archers' Guild will be holding their annual St Sebastian's Day feast and meeting on Sunday, 23 January 2011, at the estates of Lady Finna Jomarsdottir.

For directions, please contact Lady Finna at epona@ald.net. Please bring a dish to share, feastgear, and what ever potables you desire, remembering  that you have to drive home (no overnight guesting allowed), and most of us have work the next day.

The members and guests may arrive at 2PM, and feasting will start at 3. Following the annual reading of the charter, and election of officers, I would like to hold a roundtable discussion on the future direction of the Guild.

Contact: THL Ancel fitzCharles, Vingtenar kweancel@raex.com