Photos from "Masque of Courtly Love: Lucky Seven", Investiture of Barony of Brendoken staff members Iustinos Tekton and Milica of Varna offer a collaborative photo album from the "Masque of Courtly Love: Lucky Seven", which was also the creation of the Barony of Brendoken. Milica and Justin photographed activities throughout the day, and the online photo album linked above contains over 150 photos. Some are digital and some are scanned from film.

There are pictures from the morning Investiture Court, from the fighting, gaming, merchanting, and A&S activities, from evening Court, and from feast.

Photos are copyrighted, but higher-resolution digital copies are available upon request to individuals featured in any given photo.

Be sure to also check out Milica's event report article, which can be found by clicking the link below.

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