[DRA] Troll Hunt V

Winter's long grip is loosening and the nights are beginning to grow shorter, bringing light to the volcanic fields and magnificent glacial mountains of our harsh yet fair land. The hard times of winter have brought the local trolls raiding to close to home so we must unite to fight them back to the mountains to defend our livelihoods.

The shire of Klakavirki welcomes you to come join us on our yearly Troll Hunt, a weekend of classes, games, tournaments and A&S. In the evening we will be holding a feast in honour of Klakavirki's new Protector, which is awarded to the individual who collects the most Troll Points over the weekend.

Troll Hunt V
When: 18:00 Friday March 11th - 14:00 Sunday March 13th 2011.
Where: Félagsheimilið Húnaver, 541 Blöndós, Iceland
Event Steward: Lord Ólafur Freyr.
Marshal-in-Charge: Lady Jacquelyna de Bellmont.

The site is a camping site, with showers and kitchen, plenty of crash space, a feast hall, plenty of open space and enclosed space for fighting indoors. Site is wet and open flames are allowed.

Site fee for adults is ISK 6500 (ca 42 EUR)
Site fee for children age 5-16 is ISK 1500 (ca 10 EUR)
Late fee (after March 1st) is ISK 1000
Fee includes sleeping facilities for two nights with all meals (Traveller's fare on Friday, breakfast, lunch and feast on Saturday, breakfast and lunch on Sunday).

Are to be made to account number 162-26-8130, kt. 440609-2280, with the SCA name of attendees in the comment box. Overseas visitors can pay in cash when they arrive without the late fee.
Cancellation policy: Full refund before the late fee deadline and 50% back after the deadline.

Please send reservations to the event steward Lord Ólafur Freyr along with information regarding food restrictions.


    * via Icelandair or Iceland Express to Keflavik
    * Keflavik to Reykjavik, and Reykjavik to site, check with the event steward for possible sharing of travel arrangements.

Domestic travel time:

    * From Keflavik International Airport to the capital Reykjavik is about 45 min. drive. Travel options are
          o Rental car
          o The FlyBus
          o Shire member pick-up.
    * From Reykjavik to site by car will take about 3 hours. Travel options are
          o Rental car
          o With Shire member
    * From Reykjavik to Akureyri by Air Iceland will take about 45 min. and then by car to the site is about 60-90 min.

For rental cars, see e.g. Keflavik Airport Car-Hire.
Please let the event steward know of your travel plans, and he will try to arrange crash space before/after the event (as needed), on first-come, first-serve basis.