Mead makes a comeback

Vicky Rowe knows a lot about mead. The owner of, "the Internet's premier resource for everything to do with mead," spoke recently to Allen G. Breed of about the comeback of the drink in mainstream society.

"It's not just for the Renaissance fair anymore," says Becky Starr, co-owner of Starrlight Mead of Pittsboro, North Carolina. In fact, over 100 meaderies have popped up in the United States in the past few years.

"Your average meadery is a couple of guys or a couple or a single person who all their buddies said, 'Wow! That stuff that you make is really good. You should SELL that,'" says Rowe, who currently has a 5-gallon glass carboy of dark spiced mead fermenting on her kitchen counter. "I know a lot of people that started out in their garage or their basement, and now have tasting rooms and a whole meadery. And they're just kicking butt and taking names."