Alexander & Catriona First Baron and Baroness of Brendoken

On February 21, 2004, a new barony was created in the Middle Kingdom by His Majesty, Alasdair. Alexander of Hawkwood and Catriona nicHugh Mclaey were chosen as the barony's first Baron and Baroness. Baronies are not created every day. In fact, it took some study to come up with a ceremony for the creation of the new Barony of Brendoken in the Middle Kingdom. Several years ago, four cantons broke off from the long-existing shell barony of Middle Marches with the idea of forming a new entity in north-central Ohio. On February 21, that plan came to fruition.

In late fall 2003, SCA members in the Marches of Gwyntarian, Thistle, Three Towers, and Alderford were polled on whether or not they wanted to form the Barony of Brendoken. The poll advised Their Majesties Alasdair and Gueni