1,000-Year-Old Viking Harbor Complex Discovered

Newsday.com: Archaeologists in Norway have discovered the remains of a 1,000-year-old Viking harbor complex. Work on a boatdock by a local landowner has led reseachers near Trondheim, north of Oslo, Norway, to a major discovery: a harbor built by Vikings. The first discovery of its kind in the country, the site would have been close to the Frostating, a gathering place where Vikings met for ceremonial purposes.

The harbor was discovered when wooden piling, sticking up from the water were dated to 1000 years old, placing the harbor within the Viking time period.

"We haven't found anything like this in our country, as far as I know. In the entire Nordic region, there are only a few such facilities with wharf constructions," said Oyvind Oedegaard, of the national Museum of Natural History and Archaeology.

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