Novel-by-Email Chronicles Lives of Renaissance Faire Actors

A serial novel, being published online through a publicly-available email list, follows the adventures of the entertainers at fictional Pendragon Renaissance Faire. Meghan Brunner, author of the serial novel, writes:

Do you love the Renaissance Faire? Have you ever wished there was a novel wholly about it?

Whether you've worked the Ren for years or just love visiting. From the Ashes is sure to spark your interest.

Ashes follows the adventures of Bea, a young lady pulled into working the local Renaissance Faire, as she discovers this strange, beautiful world of laughter, jealousy, love, family, and Magick.

Ryna, who plays a Gypsy character and travels from faire to faire with her family, is quick to notice Bea's talent and charm &emdash; but so is Liam, a chivalric womanizer who preys upon each year's batch of new entertainers.

The fictional Pendragon Renaissance Faire is also home to colorful secondary characters: a host of musicians, the other Gypsies, and a pack of scruffy peasants who do everything from serenading the port-o-potties to rigging up a pair of land skis. By the time you're done reading, you'll be looking for them to round the corner of a food booth in your own faire!

This message is an invitation to receive the entirety of From the Ashes free by email. A portion will be sent out each day &emdash; prologue through epilogue &emdash; beginning April 1st.

To join the mailing list and receive the serial novel, go to the YahooGroup home page at the headline link above, or send a blank email to .

There is no fee for receiving the novel by email.

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