English Translation of 14th Century Greek Poem Published

Oswego Daily News: Columbia University has recently published "An Entertaining Tale of Quadrupeds: Translation and Commentary," originally written around 1370 during the decline of Byzantium. The "Entertaining Tale of Quadrupeds" is a "strange, allegorical poem about a certain animal conference..." The poem "stood out thanks to an obliquely subversive style of writing blended with sarcasm and a powerful language combining elements of both ancient and modern Greek," according to Dr. George Baloglou of SUNY Oswego on his website, http://www.oswego.edu/~baloglou . Dr. Baloglou collaborated with a colleague, Dr. Nick Nicholas of the University of Melbourne in Australia, to translate the poem.

The work, which culminates in a battle between herbivores and carnivores, likely is a political allegory rather than a funny story. "[The author] probably needed to protest something," said Dr. Baloglou.