Chamber President Checks Out the SCA at Estrella

Palo Verde Valley Times: The Palo Verde Valley Times reports that Mark Fulton of the Blythe Area Chamber of Commerce made the trek to the Estrella War to check out the possibility of sponsoring an SCA event in his city. Marty Bachman, a reporter for the Palo Verde Valley Times wrote recently that Mark Fulton, executive president of the Blythe Area Chamber of Commerce, made a weekend trip to Estrella to see what the SCA was all about. His idea is to bring the SCA to the Colorado River Fairgrounds where attendees could watch battles from bleachers.

"It's all just in preliminary stages," Fulton said. "We're investigating the opportunity to bring a new festival into Blythe - one that will bring a lot people into town and will use the facilities and the hotels as they do in the chamber-sponsored bluegrass festival."

Fulton is looking at the possibility of having a festival in mid-November when the weather is cooler.

Members of the local SCA group, Ironwood Loch, could not be reached for comment.