Free Northshield! Cartoon Epic Chronicles the "Real" Story of a New Kingdom

Sales of a fictional comic-book story of Northshield's quest for independence will help fund the new Kingdom's first regalia. "Will Captain Midrealm foil the plans of the evil Emperor Meglomaniac? Will the enthusiastic and well meaning Captain Midrealm Jr. successfully defeat the evil handmaidens? Or will it be up to BoD Babe to save the day!?"

A team of satirists in the Principality of Northshield, led by Baroness Ia ingen Aeda, are cooking up a comic story book of the origins of the new Kingdom. All profits from the sale of the book will be donated toward the cost of crowns and other regalia.

Pre-orders for the book are being accepted now. Because of an SCA rule against use of PayPal or other electronic payment methods, a private individual is collecting the funds and will transfer them to the SCA as a donation.

Baroness Ia has been the "driving force" behind the comic project, according to Tarik Aga, one of the team members. Other members of the project team include the Regalia Minister for Northshield, Lord Eadric; THL Roxelana; THL Giovana; Baniarla Fina; Earl Tarrach; TSH Aubrey and Anne; and the Lord and Lady Heirs, Hroeder and Giulia.

Thanks to Sir Jurgen and Tarik Aga for posting a link to the web site on several email lists.