Ymir Photo Challenge Winners Announced

Charles Fleming has announced the winners of the 2004 Ymir Photo Challenge for photographs taken at the Tourney of Ymir in the Kingdom of Atlantia. Charles Fleming writes:

Friends and neighbors,

It gives me great pleasure to announce the winners of the Ymir Photo Challenge. I issued an unusual A&S challenge at Ymir. This was a contest that was not judged until after the event!

Judging Criteria

Most importantly, does the picture transport the viewer back in time?
Is it as free as possible from duct tape, cars, sunglasses, and fencing masks?
Is it a good photograph? Is it well composed, well exposed, and so on?
Does it show the SCA in a positive light? (I can think of a number of photographs that might score well on the first two criteria, but not so well on the third. A pine tree, for example.)
In case a tie-breaker is needed, I'll pick the one I like best.

The Winners

First Prize: $20 cash: Steven Weymark.

Runner Up: Muirgheal inghean ui Ogain.

Second Runner Up: Steven Weymark.

Three cheers for all our photographers! And, thank you for keeping those cameras discreetly under wraps.

Your servant,

Charles Fleming

To view the photos and read commentary on why they were chosen, visit the website by clicking on the header above.