[CAL] Bellewode Heraldic, Scribal and Dance Symposium

The Bellewode Heraldic, Scribal and Dance Symposium April 9th, 2011

Event Location: College of Bellewode, mka Kirksville, MO

Event Steward: Leonardus O jwc1686@truman.edu

Site Restrictions:
Being that we are on a college campus we have two rules we must follow...

1. No personal weapons. Rattan and/or boffer is fine.

2. No alcohol. The site is VERY dry.

Event Schedule: (Note: Times subject to change)

Troll Open:     8:00a - 12:00p
Classes Block One:     9:00a - 9:55a
Classes Block Two:     10:00a - 10:55a
Classes Block Three:     11:00a - 11:55a
Lunch and a Show:     12:00p - 1:00p
Classes Block Four:     1:00p - 1:55p
Classes Block Five:     2:00p - 2:55p
Classes Block Six:     3:00p - 3:55p
Court:     At Majesties' discretion -- Should they attend.
Ball:     TBD