[DRA] Midwinter Feast

Let us invite you to the Canton of Unikankare to celebrate the traditional Midwinter Feast, to be held at Ahtela youth camping centre in Sauvo (street address Ahtelantie 21), near Turku, Finland.

The weekend's program will include heavy tourneys (Nordic 1000), an arts and sciences competition, feast and, naturally, a sauna and general merrymaking.

The Event is held at Ahtela youth camping centre in Sauvo (street address Ahtelantie 21), near Turku, Finland. The site opens on Friday at 7 pm and closes on Sunday at noon.

Costs: Total cost of the event for SKA/SCA members is 30€, non-members 33€. Children between 7 and 12 years old: 15€. No fee from children under 7 years old, if they don’t require a bed of their own.

The site is limited to 120 people and there are beds or mattresses for about 100. Please send your reservation by January 24th. The reservation takes place in the event website, http://keskiaika.aaneton.net/midwinterfeast, where updated information of the event schedule will be published. If you reserve after the deadline, or pay late, you will be charged an extra 5 €. Guests from Finland should pay to the Unikankare postal account 430922-298699 by January 24th. EU residents are encouraged to pay electronically by EU payment (account number in IBAN format: FI5943092220098699). Foreign guests may also pay at the door, but only Euros will be accepted.

Driving instructions:
From Helsinki-Turku motor way (road number 1) turn to road 181 towards Sauvo and Kemi. Drive past Sauvo towards Kemi and turn left towards Rajalahti and Kokkila. Drive about 1 km and turn right towards Rajalahti. Keep driving for 7 km and turn left towards Ampola and Ahtela. Keep driving for 2,5 km and you arrive in Ahtela youth camping center.

Public transport:
Take a bus to Sauvo. Contact midwinterfeast@gmail.com well in advance to organize a ride from there.

You can also contact us to request transport from other locations. We will try to organize transportation to as many participants as possible with the resources available. Only transports that have been pre-arranged can be guaranteed.

Event Steward
Lady Unikankareen Kaarina

Lady Alina i Savolax

Lady Gytha Bielke

Marshal in Charge
Lord Mikael Rantsow