Gulf Wars to be Site of Knowne Worlde Squires' Tourney

Gulf Wars, held in the Kingdom of Meridies from March 15 through 21, will add to its usual activities a Knowne Worlde Squires' Tournament. Greetings All,

It is my pleasure to announce the First Annual Knowne Worlde Squires Tourney at Gulf Wars this year. The tournement will be held on the field near the castle following the castle battles on Saturday around 3 p.m. The tournement will be a timed bear-pit tournement, open weapon styles. There will be 5 pits, one line. File into the pits as they open up. One point will be awarded for every bout fought, Two points for every bout resulting in a win. So prowess as well as stamina will go a long way to winning this tournement.

Every entrant must be a squire to a member of the Chivalry. Every entrant must be sponsored by a member of the Chivalry. Chivalry may sponsor up to 3 entrants, proxy sponsoring will be allowed. (i.e.: If your Knight / Master is unable to attend the war you may be sponsored by another member of the Chivalry) If your Peer is present at the war we would prefer that they be the ones to sponsor you.

Lord Richard L'Hauke called Capt. Hawk
Lord Uilleag of Tir briste

Editor's note 1: The web link above goes to the main Gulf Wars site; as of this writing, there is no specific page for the Squires' Tourney. This announcement is republished with kind permission of the authors.

Editor's note 2: The starting time in the original announcement was incorrect; the article above has been edited to show the correct 3:00 p.m. starting time.