[LOC] Rowany Festival

Rowany Festival 2011 will commence with Opening Court on Thursday the 21st of April with Closing Court on the evening of Monday the 25th of April, clearing site on Tuesday the 26th. Again to be held at the lush and green Glenworth Valley in Peats Ridge, NSW. This, the biggest event of the Kingdom’s calendar, will bring you the best our kingdom has to offer.

Not only the activities you’ve come to know and love, this coming Festival will also bring you the excitement of an early May Crown (run by Jarl Alfar and his Stewarding Team).

This Festival is marked by the rare occurrence of coinciding with St George’s Day – and in the spirit of the occasion, St George and the Dragon will feature throughout the event. Stay tuned for more details about related activities including a Dragon themed banner competition.

We invite you to enjoy the following activities:

    * War
    * A&S Classes & Competitions
    * Fighter Auction Tourney
    * Rapier Tournaments
    * Balls & Dance Classes
    * Boar’s Head Theatre & Bardic Circle
    * Court
    * Archery – IKAC & Scenarios
    * The Tavern & Market Day
    * Heraldic Melee & Combat of the Thirty
    * The Quest & Medieval Games

…and many more!

Looking forward to seeing you there,
The Rowany Festival Stewarding Team