Welsh Sword of State to be Unveiled May 1

IC Wales: On May 1, 1421, the last of the Welsh freedom fighters surrendered. Now the day will commemorate the unveiling of the new Welsh Sword of State being created to honor Owain Glyndwr's coronation. Welsh nationalists are looking forward to May 1, 2004, the day the new Welsh Sword of State will be unveiled. The sword is being forged to commemorate the coronation of Wales' national hero Owain Glyndwr and will be on display in Cardiff until June. After that, the sword will be presented to the Machynlleth Town Council where it will be used for ceremonial purposes.

"This is a symbolic sword of state similar to the one seen on Prince Owain's Great Seal and similar to one that may have been carried by Prince Owain at the opening of the Parliament of 1404," said the Embassy's chief executive, Sian Ifan.

Poets and bards are being asked to write poems and songs in honor of the event.