[GLE] Newbie Collegium 2011

Join us for a day of revelry free from worry of the plague and enjoy Lagerdamm's famed hospitality as we celebrate the Dream and extend welcome to newcomers with a dazzling display of classes, the annual Lagerdamm Heavy Weapon Protectorate, our Light Weapons Defender Tourney, and a "snake oil sale" silent auction to benefit the chirugeons of Glean Abhann. Finish the day with a wonderful feast preparted by Lady Deidre Drynok which is sure to chase away any ill humors.

Peace Lutheran Church
800 S. Donaghey Ave.
Conway, Arkansas 72032

Site opens at 8 am!

    * SCA 101
    * Choosing an SCA Name
    * Basics of Armory Designing (Designing a Device)
    * Voice Heraldy
    * Precedence and Protocol
    * Awards
    * Celtic Knotwork
    * Period Kites
    * Plague (Then & Now)
    * Embroidering a Hex Sign
    * Viking Wire Weaving
    * Beginning Late Period Garb
    * Basic T-Tunic Construction
    * General to Specific - the T-Tunic as the foundation of an 8th, 12th, or 14th century ensemble
    * Introduction to Calligraphy
    * Soap Making
    * Performing Arts
    * The "Humors"
    * Felting
    * 14th Century Period Buttons
    * 6 Board Chest

      Light Fighting
      Heavy Fighting
Flatbread wrapped around grilled beef, chicken, or both with onions, peppers, and cheese upon request.      
Feast - Limit of 100 spaces

For food allergies or concerns, please contact Lady Deidre Drynok

Adult Price:
Feast $8.00
Without Feast $5.00

Children (12 and under) Price:
Feast: $5.00
Without Feast: $2.00

All newcomers to the SCA that have never attended an event get in FREE, plus $3.00 for feast if they are going to sit feast.

Non-Members that don't get the discounted rate, add $5.00


Autocrat: Lord Christopher Ashewell
Reservationist: Teresa Stewart