Bangor Cathedral shares 14th century manuscript

In the first quarter of the 14th century, Anian 'Sais', the Bishop of Bangor in Wales, possessed a manuscript comprised of liturgical instructions and a substantial body of plainchant. Now, thanks to a collaboration between the University and Bangor Cathedral, the manuscript is available to view online.

The Bangor Pontifical is "one of just two extant books from medieval Wales as a whole to contain substantial plainchant notation."

From the website:

The Bangor Pontifical Project will provide global access to this unique manuscript. The newly commissioned website will enable users, both at home and via a terminal in Bangor Cathedral itself, to examine the book in its entirety, to zoom in on its intricate decoration and musical notation, and to hear some of the chants performed. Webpage technology provides tools for probing research into the material culture of medieval manuscripts, and will raise challenging and topical questions relating to the Pontifical: its liturgical function, local responses to the dominant ecclesiastical authorities, and the relationship between Welsh, Roman and English cultures.