Boston art museum returns missing 14th century embroidery to Italy

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has returned a 14th century silk and metal embroidery to the Diocesan Museum of Trent, Italy. The stunning embroidery, entitled "The Entombment of Saint Vigilius," was commissioned by George of Liechtenstein in 1390.

The panel is part of a series depicting the life of Saint Vigilius and were part of George of Liechtenstein's liturgical vestments. They were made in a workshop in Bohemia.

The panel in the MFA disappeared from Italy sometime during World War II. The MFA purchased the piece in 1946 with no knowledge of its provenance. The MFA learned of the true origin of the embroidery in 2008. In honor of it's return, the Diocesan Museum is hosting a celebration in Trent. [photo]