Sir Vitus Polonius calls the Popular Company of Sojourners to fight under Drachenwald's banner at Estrella

Unto All those members of the Popular Company of Sojourners, and eke those members of the Ancient and Honourable Principality Company of Sojourners, From Prince Vitus of Drachenwald, Greeting.

Right trusty and wellbeloved we greet you well and would have you know you all that we Prince Vitus, - who shall by right of arms and in Accordance with Law, Custom and Tradition succeede to the Throne of Drachenwald this Twelfth night coming - will make the pilgrimage to Estrella this coming year and that there, as is our right, We shall raise the banner of the aforesaid companies of sojourners, both Popular and Principalitine,

that those members of the afoersaid companies who are are free to do so may take the field once more with their Kingdom of old, and fight with Us under the banners of Drachenwald and the Popular and Principality Company of Sojourners, to do new deeds of arms, and to hold faith with that charge that was laid upon them at their admission to the company, to glorify its name, and spread the reknown of the Kingdom of Drachenwald.

Those who present themselves to Us, The Crown of Drachenwald, shall be accoutred with a token of the badge of the order, that they may display to all their right and achievement in and of that glorious Company.

So Speaks His Highness Vitus, Prince of Drachenwald.

Robertus Cantabriensis, Vox Princeps Drachenwaldensis


Going to Estrella? You got your PCS from Drachenwald? Come and fight with (Soon to be) King Vitus of Drachenwald! 

If you can wriggle out of your feudal obligations, then come and muster under the PCS Banner, fight once more for Drachenwald, and get a new cool Shiny pewter stone-cast, enameled, PCS Token.

Please forward this to your Kingdom, Principality or Baronial Mailing list.

There are 601 members of the company. How many will take the field at this coming Estrella?