[LOC] Red & White Holi Day

Reserve a place in your calendar for Willoughby Vales annaul - Red & White event.

12 February 2011  Red & White Holi Day, Willoughby Vale, Ipswich QLD
The Samraat Deva Raya warmly invites the Gentles of the Lochac Cultural Delegation to partake in a sumptuous evening of traditional delights. The Samraat knows that western tongues are not as cultivated as his own so he has ordered that food from both cultures be prepared. The Samraat has heard much of the fighting prowess of the Gentles of Lochac therefore he graciously asks for a display of heavy and rapier fighting. After such a skillful display of arms join us in a celebration of the Indian Holi (A colourful display of waterfighting so please bring old garb and a towel).
Site:  Goodna Scout Hall, Church St Goodna QLD  4300 UBD Reference Map 216 M 17.
Time:  Site Open 4pm, tourney (Heavy & Rapier) Inspection 4:45pm for 5:30pm start.
Costs:  $20 Members, $22 Non-Members, 6-14 Half Price, Under 6 Free, $5 Tourney Only, Add $10 after 05/02/11.  Make cheques payable to SCA Willoughby Vale Inc.
Bookings:  Required by 05/02/11.
Booking Steward:  Adeline de Montfort  Email:  terranu@ozemail.com.au. 
Steward:  Aleksandra Doch' Abramovica Dmitreeva  Email:  barbara_kerr85@hotmail.com.