[GLE] Academy of Fashion and Design

AFD will take place in Jackson, MS at the Eagle Ridge Confrence Center January 22, 2011. Site opens at 8am and closes at 5pm

We have many classes:

  • Taking Your T-Tunic to the next level - Baroness Martha
  • Russian clothing over view with patterns - Mistress Anastasia
  • Turning modern patterns into period clothing - Mistress Alysia
  • Overview of non European fabrics - Mistress Ros et al.
  • Variations of the Viking apron - Mistress Brigit
  • Ther Merovingian belt - Dame Dredda
  • Transitional Tudor (100 years war) - Duchess Mary-Grace
  • Sewing 101 - Lady Sara Tereza
  • Hatmaking - Mistress Alysia
  • Early Period Emblishment - Lady Olrun
  • 14th century textiles - Mistress Gwyenth
  • 16th Century Flemish working class - Duchess Mary-Grace
  • Getting to know your sewing machine - THL Katil
  • Roman done Right - Mistress Ros
  • Early Period embellishment  II - Lady Olrun
  • 14th century women's cotehardies - Mistress Gwyneth
  • Late Period Construction techniques - Don Ryan
  • Draping a body block - Master Charles
  • Safavid Women's clothing - Baroness Mahsheed
  • Mongol boots - THL Motan
  • Early Period Embelishment  III - Lady Olrun
  • 14th century men's cotehardie
  • 16th century German gowns - THL Elene
  • Late period pattern drafting - Don Ryan
  • Making a Kasode - Lady Sugihara
  • The bliaut - Countess Kenna
  • Burgundian patterning - Baroness Martha
  • The Landsknecht - Master Charles
  • Period hand sewing - Countess Kenna
  • Heian Women's clothing - Lady Sugihara
  • The Italian gown - Lady Aliessia
  • Russian Embellishment - Mistress Anastasia
  • Early Period pattern drafting - Countess Kenna
  • Smocking - THL Genevieve

This is a one day event; however you can book hotel rooms for Friday night at the confrence center.

Delux guestroom:
single occupancy $69.00
Double occupancy $79.00

To Make reservations call: 601-857-7100

Site Fee is $10 (had to increase $1) per head plus non-member surcharge

Food: There will be no lunch provided to keep costs down...people may go offsite and find lunch, but outside food and drink are not allowed in the confrence center. They do have water fountains and drink machines in the center.

We chose this site because the hotel rooms were more cost effective than the other centrally located sites that we could find, and they gave us a deal on the conference rooms. The trade off is that if we have food, we have to use their catering facilities - which were OUTRAGEOUS! So, we have opted to no do any kind of food and let each person procure food as they are able - Outside food and drinks are allowed in the hotel rooms, the parking lot, and no one is going to search your bags and baskets  :-)  Bear in mind that if this is a good site for this event, we would like to use it again, so please do not overtly break any rules.


If you have any questions, please contact me

Master Charles de Bourbon, Autocrat charles_brk@yahoo.com