[ATE] Granite Mountains Polling

The time is upon us, we will no longer be KNOWN as the Shire of Granite Mountain, but as the BARONY of Granite Mountain. I call upon ALL paid adult members to come and help select the future of our group by voting in the polling, I call upon ALL active persons who play but are not members to either get a membership and vote, or just come out and support the group.

I call upon ALL of our friends and neighbors to come and support us in one of the final steps to complete this three year journey.

This is an "official" event, so it is a Garbed event. If you don't have garb, please contact Lord Cyrus, the Chatelaine for the
Shire, Chatelaine@... Troll will also be present but there is NO cost to this event.

The event will be held at the Chino Valley Community Center Park (located At 1615 N Road 1E, Chino Valley, AZ 86323) on December 12, 2010, the Sunday after the Northern Yule, from 11am to 4pm, depending on polling and weather conditions. There will be a donation (donate something, or leave donation to eat) side board, and there will be shelter provided. The site has stone privies and there will be access to them.

It will be BYOD, and is DRY as this will be a serious meeting, everyone should be in full possession of their facilities. Those who need to imbibe for this, must do so offsite.

Games: we will have games such as: chess, backgammon, horseshoes, KUBB!! And anything else we can come up with. This is intended for the family, but younger children will need to be supervised so please keep that in mind when planning to attend.

Remember, you must be an Adult Paid Member to poll. If you are not a member and wish to participate, you must bring proof of paid membership (i.e. confirmation page printed from the SCA.org website, a current copy of the Southwind, or your Membership Card. You can now buy membership and get your blue card all online at SCA.org.) Only members that reside in the Area of the Shire/Barony will be allowed to vote, unless you have received prior approval from Duke Craven to vote. If you can not make the event, you still have time to get an absentee ballot vote in. Please contact either myself (Terrance_GM@yahoo. Com) or Duke Craven (seneschal@...)

When: December 12th, 2010
Where: Chino Valley's Community Center Park (Shire of Granite Mountain)
Site fee: FREE (we will be accepting donations for our Baronial fund)
Site opens at 11am, until 4pm

From the North: take your best route to HWY 89, go south to Chino Valley, turn Left on E Road 3 N (traffic light, and a McDonalds here), go to N Road 1 E, turn Right, park is on the second block on the left, on the corner field.

From the South: take your best route to HWY 69, go north N Fain road, turn right, follow to HWY 89A, turn west to HWY 89, at HWY 89 turn north to Chino Valley, turn Right on E Road 2 N (traffic light, and a Safeway and mall here), go to N Road 1 E, turn Left, park is at the end of this block on the right, on the corner field.