Persian garb patterns

On the Middle Eastern Dance Guild website, Melinda Haren (Mistress Roxane Farabi Shahzadeh) has posted a number of patterns for Persian garb that she has created.

Patterns are in PDF format and include:

  • Clothing article
  • Chadur
  • Chargat
  • Female Headdresses
  • Joba Instructions
  • Kordi
  • Libas Instructions
  • Naqsh-e
  • Pirahan Instructions for Men
  • Pirahan Instructions for Women
  • Ruyi Qaba for Women
  • Ruyi Qaba for Men
  • Seljuk Outfit from the 13th Century
  • Ziri Qaba for Women

Posted patterns

Mistress Roxane Farabi Shahzadeh was very kind to allow me to post her patterns on Guild's website. I had found them in the SCA Persian Yahoo group.

For everyone interested in Middle Eastern, you are welcome to subscribe to the Guild. I post regularly on topics that interest me.


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