Shadowcon XV

Not too much on your horizon for January? Wish you could fight in a nice, lit, warm, DRY place? Wishing you could wear that nice summer garb you made just one more time? Or is Darth Vader your favored look for the winter? We have it all: SHADOWCON XV!!

January 7 & 8, 2011 in the Barony of Grey Niche (Memphis, TN.)!! This exciting SCA/Sci-fi Con will have fighting, classes for fighting, gaming, belly dancing and classes, Gaming, Masquarade, Computer-linked gaming, Anime, Gaming, Movies and MORE!!!

More than just a regular Con, ShadowCon features classes, panels and more for the SCA! plus, more than enough for the gamers, dancers and players in the Sci-fi realm!

Friday night: live band with dancing
Saturday night: Karaoke, plus dancing to the music as well as belly dancing

Classes on dancing and fighting. Panels on: the Niceties of Polite Society (how to get along/interact in the SCA); featured Authors; Artists; and more!

FIGHTING TOURNAMENTS! >>> INSIDE!!<<< Plus classes taught by Royal Peers on how to win Tournaments!

Costume contests: Hall and the Masquarade. Divisions in  Sci-Fi, and Fantasy as well as Historical (SCA)!!! *GREAT* Prizes!!

Merchants selling everything from swords to garb to costumes to comic books!!

Then, we have Kane's Auction of the Strange and Unusual... you gotta see this to believe it!!

Saturday Night: an All-You-Can_Eat buffet of Fried Chicken, Saulisbury Steak, corn, potaotes, salad, drinks (non-alcoholic) and rolls-- plus TAX and TIP included for only $15--  UNLESS you pre-register by Dec. 25!! If you do, you get the Buffett *FREE*!!!!

Preregister by Dec. 25th. After that, the price is still $35, but the buffet will be extra.

Room at the Holiday Inn Select on Airways Boulevard in Memphis are only $69.99 per night for as many as you can cram in there. Please call the hotel at the local number, and mention ShadowCon for the discount (901-332-1130)

Go to: to preregister!!!