Stunning Afghan treasures to go on display in England

Over 200 objects, including a 1st century 'collapsible' gold crown, on loan from the National Museum of Afghanistan, will go on display for the first time at the British Museum. The traveling exhibit, Afghanistan: Crossroads Of The Ancient World, will be in London March 3 to July 3 2011. (photos)

"They are some of the world's most beautiful and priceless objects, in terms of their time," said British Museum Curator Dr St John Simpson.

Of special interest is the 1st century crown, discovered in 1978 by Soviet archaeologists. The delicate gold crown was found in en "elite nomadic cemetery," and has been described as "the ultimate accessory, flat-packed for easy transport."

I saw these artifacts when

I saw these artifacts when they were exhibited at San Francisco's Asian Art Museum over a year ago. Definitely a must-see!