[ATL] Feast & Foolishness

Nature is convening a parliament at which the birds will all choose their mates. Our two male eagles will make their case for the hand of the lady but we are certain that the birds of lower estates will have something to say about that.

Which eagle will make his case and win the hand of the maid?  Or will Nature make the final decision?  Come join the Barony of Highland Foorde in celebrating l'amour, or just join us for a day of gaming, fun, and food. Outrageous feathered hats, capes and costumes are very welcome.

Bardic Competition
“Sing For Your Supper”

Our two male eagles are vying for the hand of the maiden eagle and they need your help to win her heart. Ok, you don’t necessarily have to sing for your supper but bring several of your cleverest original poems, rhymes, filks, or songs to perform, based upon either the golden eagle or the silver eagle, and their quest for l’amour. The parliament of Foules and Mother Nature will be your judges. Single elimination “tourney”. Winner of each round receives a gold or silver egg, and the loser receives an egg from the birds of lower estates. Bard with the most silver or gold eggs wins a refund of their event fee.

   1. Each presentation must be an original piece (filk anything, just use your own words and concepts).
   2. Selection of work is up to each individual, whether filk, poem, song or rhyme.
   3. Each presentation must be based on either the gold or silver eagle and must include the theme of love.
   4. Presentation must not be longer than 5 minutes.

Absolutely no documentation required, after all this is Feast & Foolishness!

The Barony of Highland Foorde would especially like to encourage all inexperienced bards to compete.

Gaming Competition:
Tables will be set up with 6 different period games. Game points are as follows: Chess win worth 10 points; Alquerque win worth 8 points, Nine Man Morris win worth 6 points; Backgammon win worth 5 points; Fox & Geese win worth 4 points; Game of The Swan win worth 2 points. Chose a game and get a gaming slip from the Table Steward. Win the game, place your name on the slip and give to a table steward to be tallied. You can play any of the competition games, but your next game must be different from that just played. Gamer with the most amount of points, wins!

Feathered Headdress Competition:
Pluck up your nerve, prepare to strut your stuff and create a feathered headdress (be it lovely or just plain outrageous!). Anyone may enter, judging to be by populace vote. No documentation allowed! 1st place and runner up awarded.

Children's Activities: "Sven the Mad Viking" bean bag toss. All children may enter to win a prize. Various arts & sciences activities may also be available.

Feast:: Those with food allergies should contact Magister Eadric the Potter

When: Saturday, February 26th, 2011
Event Opens: 9 am
Event Closes: 8 pm

Calvary United Methodist Church
131 W. Second Street
Frederick Md.  21701

Directions to Calvary United Methodist Church:
From US 15, Take the Patrick St. East exit. (This is US40 as it heads into town.)
At the second light, turn left onto West College Terrace.
Go 3 blocks to the first four way stop sign.
Make a right turn onto 2nd St.
After the stoplight, the park will be on the right hand side. The parking in this area is the closest parking to the church.
The church is at the next stoplight on this street, at the corner of Bentz and 2nd.
When leaving the church, take Bentz Street, and make a right at the first light onto Patrick St. to return to 40 and 15.

Adult Member $16.00 (This is site and all day feast & same price as last year).
Youth (5-17) $8.00
Child <5 free
Non members must add $5.00.
Pre-registration must be in hand by February 12, 2011.
ACCEPS is now available. http://acceps.ansteorra.org/index.php

Checks payable to:  Barony of Highland Foorde, SCA

Autocrat: Baroness Margaret Sayher