Medieval chess

On her website, Hamill Indexing, Carol Hamill shares extensive information about the history and play of medieval chess from its origins in India and Persia to its western medieval forms.

Carol Hamill writes:

This essay will provide information on early forms of chess, tracing the variation in rules, and in game piece design, as the game evolved in Europe. Chess has its origins in India and Persia, it spread to the Orient, and to the Arab world by the 9th century. In Europe, the game evolved as it was adapted to local customs and variations from the Arabic form. To the medieval recreationist, (such as in the SCA), this represents an opportunity to play chess by a set of rules that more closely resembles medieval chess. The most avid recreationist will be able to learn to play chess by rules specifically correct to the time and place of their persona.  More generally, it would be possible to adopt a set of rules for a game we could call medieval chess.

Medieval chess

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