[ANS] Elfsea Baronial College

Join the Barony of Elfsea as it welcomes the heirs to Baron Dáire de Haya and Baroness Druinne de Salesberie - Honorable Lord Alejandro Ramirez Mendoza and Honorable Lady Amalia Zavattini.

Baron Daire & Baroness Druinne will be stepping down in Morning Court. The Investiture of Alejandro and Amalia will follow shortly thereafter. The rest of the day will be spent in welcoming the new Baron and Baroness of Elfsea as they choose their new Artisan & Bardic Champion. The day will be filled with fun, competitions, and classes that range from Calligraphy to Fighting authorizations.

Dragonsfire Tor will also be hosting their annual Raffle throughout the day. Buy tickets for the chance to win many great SCA related items.

First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church
1959 Sandy Lane
Ft. Worth, TX 76112

Site Fees:
Adult - $8.00
Children (17-5) - $4.00
Under 5 – Free
Family Cap - $24.00
A non-membership surcharge of $5.00 per adult will be applied.
Please, make check payable to: SCA Inc./Barony of Elfsea.Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. They may also attend with a 21 year or older adult with a signed and notarized Minor Event Waiver Form from the parents.

Site Rules:
Smoking is allowed only in the designated area on the outdoor patio.
Site is wet in period containers. The Event Stewards ask that alcohol consumption be limited to within the main hall.

Most of the parking spaces are located along the back side of the Church. Carpooling is highly encouraged because there are fewer than 70 parking spaces total. There is some overflow parking at the Sandy Lane Public Park next door and along the street.

General Schedule:
Court & Competition start times are subject to Their Majesties & Their Excellency’s Elfsea discretion

8:00 am – Site opens for Staff Set up
9:00 am – Gate opens for General admittance. Artisans may begin setting up at this time.
10:00 am – Morning Court & Baronial Investiture
11:00 am or 15 minutes after Court Ends – Pelican Circle
11:30 am – Classes Begin at this time
1:00 pm – Landed Luncheon
1:00-3:00 pm – Church will be hosting a small piano recital, SCA members are asked to keep noise levels down in the common hallway areas.
1:30 pm – Judging for A&S Titled artisan begins
2:00 pm – Bardic Competition to begin
5:30 pm – Classes Will End
6:00 pm – Evening Court
7:00 pm – Site Break-down & Clean up
8:30 pm – Site Closes

Currently Elfsea is looking for teachers to offer classes. Classes will be a mix of Arts & Sciences, SCA Administration, and SCA Fighting / Authorization. Titles ranging from: How to be an Officer, Running Events, Court Etiquette, Brickwork Embroidery, Calligraphy 101, and more are all welcome.

Fighting classes will take place outside the church, at the Sandy Lane Park next door. As such, they will be subject to the weather & ground conditions, to be determined othe day of the event.

If you would like to teach a class, please contact the Event Steward, Mistress Hanna von Dahl.
Needed Information: Class Name, Class Time frame (1-2 hr), Class limit (if any), Age Limit (if any), Class Description, Supplies needed (if applicable), and Teacher’s contact information.

Elfsea Artisan:
This is a limited Body of Work display. Artisans are to bring up to five pieces, completed within the last five years. The display items may be of different media types or all of related media types. No Kingdom judging sheets are used, but documentation is required.

The entries are judged by the Past Elfsea Artisans in attendance at the event along with the current Baron and Baroness.

The site allows alcohol, so Brewers are allowed to enter their works. Tasting is limited to Judges and people over the age of 21.

Artisans who wish to compete are highly encouraged to pre-register, but are not required to pre-register. Tables are the standard 3 x 6 foot plastic tables. Pre-register with the Current Elfsea Artisan, Mistress Hanna von Dahl, let her know if you will need a full or a half table.

Elfsea Bard:
The competition will consist of two pieces. One piece needs to be a period piece, pre-1650. A song, story, or poem from before 1650, with documented modern translations or renditions of old ballads or tales will be allowed. The other piece is the bardic competitor's choice.
The entries are judged by the current Elfsea Bard, a panel of other bards, and by the current Baron and Baroness.

For more information and guidelines, contact the Current Elfsea Bard, Lord Daniel de Tankard.

Dragonsfire Tor Raffle:
Dragonsfire Tor will be hosting their annual fund raising Raffle throughout the day. The raffle will be set up along a wall in the Main Hall. This year ticket numbers will be assigned to set items. Winning tickets will be posted on a board in the main hall. Everyone in encouraged to check the board throughout the day to check for winning ticket numbers. For more information, please contact the seneschal: Lady Lauretta d'Avenporte krikit_krikit@hotmail.com

Attendees to the Elfsea Baronial College are encourage to “Brown Bag” their lunches. The Barony will not be hosting a side board or a feast, but drinks and a few light snacks will be provided. If you have special needs, and your food must remain cold, contact the Event Stewards.

There are several fast food restaurants within 2-4 miles of the site, but no official Lunch Break will be included in the Class Schedule.

Landed Luncheon:
There will be a special lunch for the Royals, the new Baron and Baroness and any visiting Landed nobles who wish to partake. A special invitation is extended to any former Elfsea Landed Barons and Baronesses in attendance.

Lady Elspeth de Stervien is hosting this, for any questions regarding the Luncheon, please contact her at: elspeth013@hotmail.com

Event Steward & Current Elfsea Artisan
Mistress Hanna von Dahl

Event Steward & Current Elfsea Bard
Lord Daniel de Tankard


Gate Coordinator - Master Caelin on Andrede, caelin@elfsea.net
Contact him to volunteer for a Gate Shift, Set Up & Clean Up Coordinator Position Open