Lilies War to Highlight Artisans

Mikhail Nikolaevich, Lilies War XVIII A&S Coordinator, has announced that the organizers will once again have an A&S area where artisans may exhibit and demonstrate their work as well as host competitions. Baron Mikhail Nikolaevich writes:

Greetings unto the talented artisans of Calontir and of the Known World!

Lilies War is just around the corner (102 days!) and with it come the myriad of Arts and Sciences opportunities that happen each year. Join us from June 11-20, at Smithville Lake near the Barony of Forgotten Sea (Kansas City, MO).

Would you like to sponsor a competition? Perhaps demonstrate your craft? If so, we would like to hear from you!

Most of you will remember the Arts and Sciences area from last year, and that there were several demonstrations going on throughout the week. Paper making, candle making, pottery, woodworking, spinning and weaving.... and many others.

Well, we like to have even more this year! Come and show off your skills in more depth than a class might allow. This is an opportunity to work on something that perhaps takes more prep time or equipment then you'd normally take to a one-day event. Your demonstration can be as elaborate or as simple as you'd like to make it.

If you would like to demonstrate your craft, please contact Baroness Tatjana Nikonovna at She will have several questions to help us identify how we can best serve you in scheduling your demonstrations.

Perhaps you would like to sponsor a competition? Each year, many competitions happen at the war and each and every one adds ambience and fun for everyone. Last year we saw competitions ranging from "Big" to "Small" and everything in-between.

If you would like to sponsor a competition, please contact Mistress Juliana Avenel at She will also be able to best determine the time and venue that will work best for you.

Please contact us as soon as possible. We'd like to get everyone included in the Lilies booklet. If you need more information, don't hesitate to ask!

In service,

Mikhail Nikolaevich
Lilies War XVIII A&S Coordinator