[ATE] Dies Fortunae

Dies Fortunae
Saturday, December 4th, 2010
Good Fortune smiles upon those with honor.
Good Fortune favors warriors with noble intent.
Good Fortune awaits those gentles both brave and true.
Join us on December 4, 2010 to seek your Fortune!

*Location*: Himmel Park in Tucson, AZ.
*Directions*: The tourneys will be held in the North East corner of Himmel Park to the South of the library.
1035 North Treat Avenue Tucson, AZ 85716

Site opens at 9:00 am
Site fee $2 adults/$1 Children age 6-17/Free Children under 6 years

Their Excellencies of Tir Ysgithr have decided *to not have an opening court* for this event to make room for the tournaments invocation. A Closing Court will be held after the completion of the tournament.

Dies Fortunae Tourney - Armored Combattants
*List open:*  10am

*List Entrance Requirement*:  Any combatant wishing to enter into the Dies Fortunae tournament must have the following to do so.

  1. The favour of someone they are fighting for.
  2. Some form of banner to fly (Note: though we hope for as many heraldric banners as possible any form of “flying item” will suffice for this requirement).

*Armour Inspection*: 10am

*Invocation*:  The hard suit tournament will begin with an invocation of the day at 11am. This invocation will involve each competitor introducing the gentle who has inspired them to take the field in order to test their favour with the Fortunes.  Each fighter, after giving their introduction, will have their seed drawn by the Oracles of Fortune.

*Tournament Seeding*: As mentioned above, all tournament seeds are drawn by the Oracles of Fortune. These seeds will determine the position that a combatant competes at throughout the day on the tournament tree. The tournament will be double elimination.

*Tournament Weapon Style*: This tournament has no weapon style restrictions other than what are dis-allowed by the current conventions of combat within the Kingdom of Atenveldt. It has been said that heroes know what weapon style to bring to the field in their own hearts.

Flora Tourney -- Rapier Combattants
Though the Dies Fortunae Tournament is restricted to hard-suit fighters, Mistress Sely Bloxam has agreed to bring the very popular Flower Tournament to the field for any Rapier fighters that might wish to take part in honourable combat throughout the day. This tournament will begin at the first pause in rounds during Dies Fortunae and will continue between each round until the Finals of Dies Fortunae.

Event Stewards:
Dies Fortunae – Duke Sir Eduard Gostomski sireduard@gmail.com
Flora – Mistress Sely Bloxam snotblossom@cox.net