[EAS] Duello 2010

With winter approaching and the victory of the Pennsic War safely in hand, we must not sit idle and let newly acquired or honed skills atrophy! One of the main tools that led to our victories in the field was the ability of our commanders and experienced fighters to strategize. We must also recognize the important contribution of the many new combatants who helped us win the rapier war points.

Rather than sitting on our accomplishments, then, let us gather to sharpen our skills of strategy and sword, further sharpening our skills in the arts of war and prepare for the next years' wars.

Duello is a day of chess strategy and rapier skills. A chess tournament will be run concurrently with multiple rapier lists. The finals of the chess tournament will be battled out in a Grand Chess Battle using live chess pieces where the performance in the rapier lists will have determined which chess piece each combatant will represent. It's a game of strategy in which the players must account for the ability of the rapier combatants they have to win the game.

10 am    Doors open, authorizations begin
11 am to 2pm    Fencing and Chess tournaments
12 noon to 3pm    Dayboard is open
1pm to 2:30 pm    Open discussion on proposed fencing age rule changes, moderated by Countess Marguerite
2:30pm    Finalists are announced
3pm    Final chess match

Rapier Tournament:
Multiple rapier lists will be open throughout the day. All will be bear pit style. At least two lists will be open format, with 2 points for a win. At least one list will be the "chance" list, where the weapons forms are determined by the roll of a die by each combatant. Scoring for this list will be 3 pts for a win 0 for losses.

Chess Piece Assignment:
The rank achieved in the rapier lists will determine the assignment of most of the chess pieces. The ranking is chosen according to the valuation described by Carrera, with the order being:
(White / Black)
The marshals reserve the right to appoint the king pieces.


A delectable day board of fifteenth century Spanish cuisine will be prepared by our very own Lord Aleksei Dmitriev. There will be a hearty hot stew and lots of foods that are friendly to tournament players. Lady Toi de Poisson will prepare a special sotletie for this event, with other desserts as well prepared by our cook!

The dayboard for Duello will include a variety of traditional Spanish "tappas", or appetizer-like finger foods, that will be easy for participants in the fencing to munch on throughout the day. In addition to the tappas, there will also be two hot and hearty stews, one with meat and one vegetarian, for those who wish a more filling lunch. Click the link below for the menu. Ingredient lists will be available at the event. Anyone with food allergies or concerns are encouraged to contact the cook ahead of time.


Take your best route to 495 in MA. Take exit 27 for route 117, turn West onto the 117 (right if you were coming northbound, left if you were coming southbound). Follow the 117 West for approximately 2 miles, the entrance for the high school will be on your right.

At-a-Glance Event Information
Nashoba Regional High School
12 Green Road
Bolton, MA 01740

Site Opens: 10 am
Site Closes: 6 pm

Event Fees:
Site : $15 adult
$12 student and pre-registered
$5 youth 12+
free for children under 12
Feast: This event is dayboard only

Xandra Rozina Xiberras Galea
email: rapiermarshal@quintavia.eastkingdom.org

Other Contact Information:
Merchant Liaison - Lady Teresa Giani
email - seneschal@quintavia.eastkingdom.org

Day Board Cook - Lord Aleksei Dmitriev
email - archerymarshal@quintavia.eastkingdom.org

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc., Shire of Quintavia