[AET] Baronial Twelfth Night

The Twelfth Night Celebration for the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands is soon to come! Many hands are working together to make this Twelfth Night full of fun and merriment.

Here are the details:

    * Location: The Lodge at North Park, (no street number) Pearce Mill Road, Allison Park, PA 15101
    * When: on Saturday, January 15, 2011, the site will open at 10 AM and close at 10 PM or later, so that all may have enough time to enjoy the day.

Remember that this is a FREE event — everyone is invited, there is no charge at the door and no non-member surcharge! No reservations are required.

Because this is also a Potluck, each person is requested to bring a dish to share. There will be nibbling and noshing all day long. Worried that someone else might be bringing the same thing you are? Not a problem: check the list of dishes to see who is bringing what, and then list your own dish on the 12th Night Potluck website.

When you arrive, be sure to stop at the Troll table. Everyone will need to show a blue card or sign a waiver, and you will want to pick up a program.

For the fighters in the Barony (and beyond), Lord Liam Macan Tsaoir will be organizing a Two-Hour Bear Pit, with weapons and armor inspection at 10:30 AM. The tourney will start at noon, and run for two hours. To be admitted to the competition, combatants must either be or be sponsored by a Laurel or a Pelican, and bring a prize made by their own hands as entry fee.

As we begin, so will we continue by presenting classes in both the Arts and Sciences and classes in the Arts Martial, as well as display space to show off current projects, from a newly completed item to the next project in the queue. Finally, for the encouragement of others, all gentles are invited to display their most recent work and their first, or, if that's not available, the earliest work that they have.

As this will be a family-and-friends-friendly event, there will be many Youth Activities for the younger ones. Games of all types will be available for any who wish to play. There will also be Fun Fighting later in the day for kids young and old!

Musicians, bring your instruments, singers, bring your lyrics, poets, bring your epics — everyone else be ready to hum along! All may participate in the competition for the Baroness' Bardic Champion.

Our esteemed Royal Baker, Urho Waltterinen, will preside over a Cookie Baking Competition! For those of you who enjoyed the Debatable Pie Competition, now is your chance to participate as well. Cookie of any and every type are welcome — bar cookies, rolled cookies, drop cookies, cookies cut and shaped, filled and frosted, and everything else!

Lest you should find that the day be only fun and frivolity, a Barony Meeting will be held, and also will there be Court, which will be preceded by a performance by the members of the Debatable Choir, who have been diligently practicing for our enjoyment.

Once the business of Court is completed, it is back to the fun and frivolity. The Celebration will be capped by the Twelfth Night Ball! The Barony Dancemaster, Cai o’r Llyn will be compiling a selection of dances that will keep us on our feet into the night.

A complete list and schedule of activities will be in the program that will be available at the door when you arrive.

Complete directions are available below.

The autocrat for this event is Lady Elss of Augsburg, and all inquiries may be directed her at elss_of_augsburg at yahoo.com.

Mark your calendars now for the BMDL Twelfth Night Celebration on Saturday, January 15, 2011 at the Lodge at North Park.

Twelfth Night at the Lodge at North Park — Directions
From the west, northwest/southwest:

Make your best way to PA Route 79 to Exit 68, Mt Nebo Road.

At the end of the exit ramp, turn east, up the hill, onto Mount Nebo Road, also known as the Yellow Belt. There are signs with a Yellow Circle on them to indicate the route. You will follow the Yellow Belt all the way to North Park, which is 7.8 miles from Rt. 79.

Continue on the Yellow Belt to the second traffic light. Turn left, up the hill, onto Ardnt Road.

At the T intersection at the top of the hill, turn left onto Reis Run Road, following the Yellow Belt.

The road will change names several times, continue to follow the Yellow Belt signs.

Eventually you will be on Ingomar Road, which leads you to North Park. At the light at the intersection of Ingomar Road and Kummer Road, turn left. Smokey the Bear will be standing at the south east corner of this intersection.

Immediately take the first right turn onto Lake Shore Drive, then immediately take the first left, branching up the hill onto Walter Road.

After 1.3 miles, turn left at the T intersection onto Pearce Mill Road.

After .8 miles, opposite the Ice Rink, turn right onto North Ridge Drive. There will be SCA signs at the bottom of the hill. Drive up to the Lodge at the top of the hill. Welcome!
From the east, northeast/southeast:

Make your best way to PA Route 8.

    * If you use the turnpike, take Exit 39, Butler Valley, and then go south 1.3 miles on Route 8.
    * If you use Route 28, take the Route 8 North exit, and then go north.

Look for the intersection of Route 8 with the Wildwood Road Extension, also known as the Yellow Belt. There are signs with a Yellow Circle on them to indicate the route. There will be a McDonald's on the south east corner. Turn left onto the Wildwood Road Extension/Yellow Belt.

This road will also change names, continue to follow the Yellow Belt signs.

Follow the Yellow Belt for 2.8 miles. At the intersection of Ingomar Road and Babcock Bvld, turn right.

Go across the bridge and take the first left onto Pearce Mill Road.

Go 1.9 miles, then, opposite the Ice Rink, turn right onto North Ridge Drive. There will be SCA signs at the bottom of the hill. Drive up to the Lodge at the top of the hill. Welcome!