[CAI] Lyldenholt/Lyondemere Yule

As winter is closing in, two great baronies come together at the crossroads between their lands to celebrate the Yule season. There stands a sturdy inn to shelter friends and distant travelers alike. Hearty foods, games, and delightful entertainment will fill our hearts with joy. Welcome, one and all.

Activities will include:

  • Gaming generously provided by the Inn of the Crimson Spade
  • Dancing courtesy of the instruction of Master Guiseppe
  • Competitions to determine Bards of both Gyldenholt and Lyondemere
  • Food, glorious food
  • A speedy white elephant gift exchange
  • Snowball fight
  • Finger sweets desert competition
  • Hot beverage bar
  • A visit by the celebrated Father Christmas

This is a wet site.  You are encouraged to decorate your table, but no flames are allowed.
3:00pm - Gate opens
3:30pm - Court begins at Their Excellencies pleasure
9:00pm - Hall closes for clean up
City of Los Alamitos Recreation and Community Services
10911 Oak St.
Los Alamitos, CA , 90720-2315
Take your favorite route to the 605 freeway. Traveling south, you take the Katella/Willow exit, pass under the freeway and take a left onto Oak St. Traveling north; you take the Katella exit (which is the first exit after the 405 interchange). Very quickly you will need to merge to the left to turn onto Oak St. If you hit Los Alamitos Blvd., you have gone too far. Turn around and go back.
Site Fees:
Members are $15, or $10 off board, with a $5 surcharge for non-members.  
Children under 7 will be guests of the barony.  Please make checks payable to
SCA Inc., Barony of Gyldenholt
Inquiries may be directed to the event steward: Sadb ingen Abner u Lorccan lifedancer@sbcglobal.net