Modern Humours Yahoo Group

Mistress Christianna MacGrain reports on the formation of the Modern Humours Yahoo Group, a discussion forum "open to all persons interested in historical reenactment while dealing with food sensitivities."

Mistress Christianna writes:

Greetings all,

At the Gluten-Free Roundtable discussion at Pennsic this past summer there were several requests to have an e-list for those trying to deal with being in the SCA while trying to avoid foods that were actively bad for you. After some discussion, we thought that it should be expanded to include all sorts of food issues, and all manner of historical reenactors as well. With the well-timed publication of the newest Creative Anachronist, it all fell together.

I am pleased to announce the formation of the Modern Humours Yahoo Group. It is open to all persons interested in historical reenactment while dealing with food sensitivities. Take a moment to read the mission statement below. This is not meant to be a medical discussion forum, no one really wants to hear about the time you broke out in oozing boils at the feast table! We will be collecting a list of helpful support groups in our Files section to direct people with medical questions.

We hope this group will be able to help provide suggestions of period recipes that fit certain dietary needs without substitutions; create a type of form letter to use as a template to send to a feast cook when you will be attending an event and wish to inform them of your needs; a list of resources for feast cooks that wish to accommodate guests with particular concerns, and more.

To subscribe to Modern Humours, send an email to:

Or send an email to me directly and I will send you an invitation.

By all means please spread the word, we look forward to many helpful discussions!

Mistress Christianna MacGrain, OP, OL; gluten and dairy-free