SCA "bad citizen" opens coffee shop in Missouri

SCA member Mark Abbott is a bad citizen, at least according to a Hallsville, Missouri Alderman, when the local lawyer applied for a permit to open a bar in town. Jodie Jackson Jr. of the Columbia Daily Tribune has the story.

Abbott, a member of the Shire of Amleth Moor, had wanted to open a bar in Hallsville, but was denied a permit because his grass was too long and a rental property had had a complaint about trash. Instead he decided to open a coffee shop and name it Bad Citizen Coffee in honor of the incident.

Bad Citizen “seemed like the perfect name,” Abbott said, adding that he hopes that motorists who pass his restaurant and pub at the southeast corner of the town’s four-way stop also will appreciate the name that accompanies the logo of a masked bandit. “I hope they go by and think, ‘He’s got a sense of humor.’ ”