[LOC] Borderwar XIII

Bordescros sends out the challenge to join our Shire in fighting, feasting and the arts and sciences at Borderwar XIII.

Borderwar XIII is approaching, and it is time to ready your coats of maille, mend your gear and prepare for war!  The Steward for BW13 is James Douglas of Bordescros, ably assisted by his consort, Julie de Lilburne.

BW13 will again be held at Camp Kurrajong, Oura Road, Wagga Wagga in NSW, the same site as last year.  This site boasts dorm accomodation, shaded camp sites, air conditioned great halls, and some fantastic war fields under shady gum trees.

BW13 will be held on the 25, 26 and 27 February 2011.