[ATE] Tavern Tourney

Oyez! Oyez! All good gentles are invited to join as Saxons battle Normans for the right to rule (well there will be prizes anyway.) Do not fear the appearance of the monster Boredom as ALL our talented gentles will have a way to help win the day for Norman rule, or Saxon (to be fair.)

Be you a nimble Barmaid or helpful Page, witty Bard or sweet toothed Cook; competitions will abound. Rapier fighters come ready for battle, Hardsuiters bring your best food-inspired weaponry, Youth fighters be ready to prove your worth. Be aware fighters that if you fall, the urchins will scavenge, as this is their nature. To keep all competitors at their best a hearty Feast will be served at the Pub. Bring shade and a healthy sense of humour for this day we aim for fun and laughter.

Site will open at l0 am and will close at 4pm. This is a damp site as only beer/malt beverages are allowed. Glass containers are not allowed at the park. Pets are welcome so long as they are leashed.

Site location: Prospector Park 3015 N . Idaho Rd,  Apache Junction

Directions from the US60: Exit Idaho and go North. Prospector Park will be on the East side of the road after passing Lost Dutchman Blvd.

Site Fees: $12 for Adults, $7 for Youth (ages 5-17); there will be a nonmembers surcharge. Feast is included in the site Fee.

Event Stewards:
m 'lady A'isha al Zakiyya bint Yazid al Mayurqi eabusha @ yahoo .com
Lady Loretta de Tonge nursetta @aol .com

Feast Stewards:
Lady Beatriz Drago erinbenko @ yahoo .com
Lady Catlyn O 'Sullivan jcclaus @ earthlink.net