[WES] 12th Night Feast

Greetings unto the wonderful populace of Battle Rock and the Far West. We would like to welcome you out to our 12th night Feast to be held at the Kadena (Japan) USO on the 8th of January, 2011. The time of the event will be announced shortly.

For all those planning to attend we ask that you register no later than 15Dec2010. Due to the extensive planning required for the feast, no registrations after the 15th of December will be accepted, so please follow the below link and list yourself and each of your guest on a seperate line. We are allowing Invited Guests (non family members), but please limit this and make sure they are registered.

Instructions are as follows;

  1. Follow this link:  Database http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SCA_Battle_Roc/database
  2. Click on the 12th Night Registration link
  3. Click on "Add Record"
  4. Answer All questions
  5. Include a seperate Record for eachFamily Member and Guest.

Thank you for your help. Please pass this Message on to those who may not be part of the Yahoo Group.

Otto Spilman