[WES] Golden Rivers Anniversary Banquet

But the weekend before Rivenoak's Yule is the Golden Rivers Anniversary Banquet. The theme for the food this year is a tour of the British Isles.

There will be a silent auction, a Toys for Tots drive, a Arts and Sciences competition which is Anything thread along with a display by the artisans of the province. After a full meal and desserts, there will be dancing.

The feast is being held at Carmichael park in Carmichael where we hold gather every Wed.  Tickets in advance are $15 for adults $10 for children. The price for adults goes up to $20 at the gate. Tickets are available from me in person at gather, by mail or contact me to make arrangements.

For all the other feasts out there between now and 12th night...Can you beat the number of toys that will be collected in Golden Rivers. It's all for a good cause and bragging rights until next year.

Come, have fun, enjoy good food and conversations, dance!!!

Moira O'Connor
Seneschal, Golden Rivers and Autocrat