[EAL] Winter War 14

The winter months are upon us again. The Pennsic war drums have faded in the distance, and we have contented ourselves with counting our spoils in front of our warm hearth fires. Remember though… somewhere, right now, someone is training harder than you.

They are sharpening their spear, and their skill, and if you don’t do the same, your spoils will become theirs when the next war season is upon us! We here in the Northern Outpost, bordered as we are by two other mighty Kingdoms, believe in staying constantly vigilant. As such, we invite you all to break out your war gear, and stay sharp at our annual Winter War. Last year, we drew in
fighters from Ealdormere and Aethelmearc, including Royalty and chivalric peers. This is a great opportunity for improvement. Don’t let your skills degrade, and keep yourself from becoming someone else’s war trophy this year!

Our fantastic site allows for combat archery… indoors! Space is also set aside for rapier fighting, and there will be a full slate of classes for the academically inclined.

There is no feast, but as usual there will be a hearty dayboard.

Teachers welcome! Anyone with a class they wish to teach, contact the autocrat to see about scheduling time/space.

Saturday, Feb. 26, 2011

Site fee $8.00
Non member surcharge will be collected.
No reservations necessary.