[WES] Rivenoak Yule

The Barony of Rivenoak presents our annual Yule Feast on December 4, 2010. We welcome most warmly the populace of our glorious Kingdom back into Rivenoak Keep.

Long famous for our culinary feats and unique ambiance, we once again seek to delight you. On wings of dreams and imagination we seek the wonders and treasures of the known world. Our Barony has ventured forth into the exotic and spectacular lands of the great Mongol empire. We have stretched out our open arms in trade with those peoples of the Yuan Dynasty. Our Brave and acquiring Padric has returned with exotic spices and foreign flavors never before seen here in our majestic lands. Entertainment, fine foods, and delightful companionship await you.

For those entering this year's table décor competition there is one requirement; it must be inspired by the Mongols or Chinese, any period within our game is acceptable.  Have fun, be inventive, and win a prize. If you don't want to enter the competition, decorate anyway. Everyone loves to ooh and ahh over the creativity and artistry shown by our folk.

All reserved tickets must be paid for by November 20th.  So purchase your tickets early and save money. Adults are $12, children 3-8 are $6, under 3 free. At the door price is $15. Non-member surcharge will be collected at the door.

Autocrat: Lady Tsura of Rivenoak ladytsura@yahoo.com   
Feastcrat:  Padric

Site: Thermalito Grange, 479 Plumas / Oroville, Ca 95966,   Site opens at 6:00 pm.